EdFlo Tuition Administration Outsourcing and Management
Over 25 Years of
Tuition Management Experience

EdFlo Sourcing

EdFlo Sourcing is a suite of tools that help employees access and assess learning opportunities that are approved for tuition assistance through your policy.

Learning Directory

EdFlo provides a complete learning directory that is configurable to conform to your company's tuition assistance policy and procedures.

The learning portal consists of the following features:

  • Centralized database of corporate-designated learning providers
  • Access to degree programs, certificate offerings and individual courses
  • Employee access to academic advisors at the universities
  • Personalized academic advising (available on request)

Learning Expos

EdFlo provides sourcing opportunities through its service suite that can be provided to employees to replace brick and mortar college fairs. Employees have access to advisors during a specific day that is communicated to your workforce as your Organization's personal college fair.

Academic Advising Center

EdFlo has built and maintains an academic advising center for your employees that contains resources to help employees prepare for a return to school as a full-time employee. Our resource center maintains over 200 articles and links for employees beginning their educational pursuits. Click here to view our academic resources for your employees.

The EdFlo"Preferred Choice" Plan

EdFlo monitors and assesses the learning supply chain on a regular basis to find providers that we believe bring the best value to corporations in specific subject areas. Like a PPO plan in the health care industry, EdFlo has developed a packaged tuition assistance plan that we call the "Preferred Choice" plan. This packaged solution provides a number of benefits to those clients who choose it:

  • Reduced administrative costs-EdFlo delivers this program to its clients at prices that are generally 20% below the administrative costs for the client's existing plan.
  • A managed provider network-Similar to an employer health plan, EdFlo has built an accredited education provider network that assures that employees are selecting providers that meet stringent quality and cost standards. EdFlo has over 20 years experience in working with the adult-oriented education provider community to build a broad network of education providers that consistently achieve a high level of educational quality while managing costs.
  • Corporate Payback-EdFlo monitors and assesses the providers within the Preferred Network to make sure they consistently meet high standards for quality and value.

Click here to learn more about the EdFlo "Preferred Choice" plan.