EdFlo Tuition Administration Outsourcing and Management
Over 25 Years of
Tuition Management Experience

EdFlo Platform as a Service

EdFlo delivers the industry's leading service platform to support your Company's tuition assistance administration. Our web-based solution gives your employees, managers, and tuition assistance administrators 24x7 access to all aspects of the tuition assistance program. And our on-demand reports give you the tools to assess the Return on Investment for your tuition assistance program.

The Core Components of the EdFlo Tuition Management Solution

Vendor Management

EdFlo Sourcing is a suite of tools that help employees and management access and assess learning opportunities that are approved for tuition assistance through your policy. Our team of experts are constantly monitoring Education Return on Investment through our world class suite of analytics tools.

Web-based Workflow and Authorization Engine

We are the industry leader in providing support services for all flavors of tuition assistance programs and approval parameters. Our preauthorization and settlement engine aligns the employee course completion with your tuition policy to determine the exact amount to be paid. We're so confident in our ability to assure that no payments are made that fall outside your policy, we guarantee it!

Both Traditional Reimbursement and Direct Pay Settlement Options

Through our partnership with InQuisic, we bring a secure payment solution to the industry that enables learning providers to directly transmit grades and settlement amounts. There is no better way to assure compliance than having the learning providers themselves provide grades and fees directly through our system.

The Industry's Best Analytics Platform

Our reporting engine has been developed entirely in-house to support the unique requirements of tuition analytics. It's agile, just-in-time, and can support hundreds of unique users, each with their own reporting demands. The power is in your hands.

Unparalleled Ease of Use

Even the best-laid plans for improving your tuition program are risking failure if few can understand the solution. Too many business professionals have experienced the frustration and wasted time caused by bad business software. That is why EdFlo paid careful attention to our user interface design to provide an elegant, efficient workflow. We believe you and your employees should focus more time on your jobs, and less time deciphering poorly thought-out software.

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