EdFlo Tuition Administration Outsourcing and Management
Over 25 Years of
Tuition Management Experience

The EdFlo Advantage

Our Key Differentiators:


We take a strategic view of tuition assistance with a focus towards improving employee decision making and reducing overall costs. This is accomplished through our innovative service designed to streamline the documentation and payment processes combined with our new approach to direct billing of payments. Your employees should spend as little time as possible dealing with the hassles of documentation and approvals.

Direct Bill Saves You Time and Money

The EdFlo tuition assistance platform supports multiple procurement models, including reimbursement and a "patented" disbursement solution that is unique in the industry. The disbursement solution is supported through a "virtual" credit cards that are disbursed through the platform upon approval of each disbursement. Each employee approved for a specific set of courses now receives a preauthorized card that is tied to accredited universities, and may only be used for the amount approved. This new process saves our clients significant expense in back-end accounting and payroll, and will have a significant positive impact on employee hiring and retention.

The Best Reporting Tools in the Industry

The EdFlo business analytics platform provides for "just in time" delivery of key metrics regarding the education assistance program. All Operational, Financial and System reports are automated, user driven, real time and give a graphical view as well as drill down capability and download to MS Excel/PDF format. The report data can be filtered by users to specific business unit(s) or location(s). Some of the key reports are Transaction activity, Expenditure, Spend by school, Operational cycle time and financial summary.

Online training and support modules.

The tool has a robust online support environment for employees including a number of interactive training modules. This support architecture has had a highly positive impact on reducing support requests.

Service Model

The Software as a Service tuition assistance platform is designed around a multi client service model, which allows for speed and flexibility in service upgrades and support and has been recognized by client IT and business organizations for innovation, simplicity, and strong compliance to industry best practices in tuition management.