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The EdFlo Resource Center offers tools to help the HR and Benefits Professional build and support a tuition assistance program for your workforce. It contains many of the best practices from clients we have served ranging from small businesses to international corporations.

Outsourcing Tuition Assistance Administration

Outsourcing your tuition assistance administration can be a great way to improve your employee satisfaction, while also saving time and money.

Enhance Your Tuition Assistance Program: The ABC's (and D)

Four steps to changing your Tuition Assistance Program from an untracked benefit to a strategic investment.

Build Your Tuition Assistance Policy

This framework contains the standard terms found in most tuition assistance programs. When you are ready to build your tuition assistance program through EdFlo, click here.

University Partnerships Can Benefit Your Tuition Assistance Program

An underused strategy to enhance a Tuition Assistance Program is partnering with your local colleges and universities. There are many significant advantages.

Educational Advising Adds Value to Corporate Tuition Assistance

Working professionals often need educational advising to help them select the best program focused on their goals.

IRS Offers Tax Credits for Education

Money Back? From the IRS? Yes! There are some new tax laws that may benefit the working adult going back to school.

Schools Provide Deferred Payment for Company-Sponsored Education

Many universities will defer employee payments for the portion supported by the company. This article covers the process for receiving these benefits from learning providers.

Schools How Are Tuition Assistance Benefits Taxed?

We've pulled Section 127 from the tax code so you can forward to your legal team for an interpretation as to how your enterprise will treat taxation of tuition assistance benefits.

College Rankings: What do They Really Mean

You may have already checked out the US News and World Report rankings of colleges, or the Business Week Review. But if you're an adult student, you need to understand what these rankings really mean, and how appropriate they are to the adult student.

MBAs Come in All Shapes and Sizes

There's more to an MBA program than meets the eye. Schools specialize in everything from technology management to globalization.

Five Common Mistakes of Tuition Assistance Programs

Even the best-run programs can fall into a few traps when it comes to tuition assistance. Learn about some common problems and how to solve them.

Why Adult Learners Don't Finish Their Degrees

Only a small fraction of adult learners finish their degree, even with tuition assistance. Learn how to help your employees meet their goals, leading to better growth and productivity.

Certifications, Designations and Certificates: Alternatives to a Degree

Corporations are learning the advantages of moving to add certificates, Designations and Certifications as alternatives to degree programs for their employee education.

Say 'NO' to Student Loans: Ways to Save Tuition Dollars on an Online Degree

There are a number of ways to meet educational goals while avoiding the large debts that can come from student loans.

Prior Learning Can Lead to College Credits

Companies that support fees for College Level Examination Programs tend to save tuition assistance dollars.

Accreditation: What is It, and Who Needs It?

Accreditation. It is one of the most important, yet misunderstood concepts in higher education. Make sure your policy conforms to the right accreditations.

  • Click here for links to the six regional accrediting bodies
  • Click here for a complete list of regionally accredited colleges and universities
  • Click here for a complete list of regionally accredited community colleges

Financial Aid Options for Working Professionals

Although a number of scholarships and grants are reserved for the truly impoverished full-time student, there are solid alternatives available to the working adult.

Asking Nontraditional Questions of Nontraditional Education Programs

Education programs designed for working professionals buck the trends of the traditional ivy-walled university. Therefore, in order to find the right program, you need to ask a new set of questions.

To MBA or Not To MBA

Gaining a MBA degree is not the only answer for an advanced business degree. Here are some other suggestions for a business education.

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