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The Case for Going Back and Getting Your Degree — How to Get Started

finishlineThere are many reasons why an adult might not have gone to college earlier in their life. But there’s no reason that they can’t go back to school later on and get that degree they desire. More and more adults are thinking about taking the plunge, but going back to college can be a daunting and even frightening thought. But with the right information, you can go with confidence. (more…)

How Flextime Can Benefit Employers and Improve the Bottom Line

balanceAccording to a recent Discover study, a whopping 95% of employees listed ‘flexibility’ as a key attribute of their ideal job. The idea of Flextime is a growing trend among employers looking for ways to increase employee satisfaction and worker retention. The reasons for employees vary, but many are looking for better life and work balance. (more…)

How to Learn a Foreign Language — and Can It Help Your Career?

internationalbusinessWith the employment landscape become more global than ever, knowing a second language can often be a boost to career options. It almost doesn’t matter what career path you’re on, knowing a second language is going to open up possibilities for you that wouldn’t otherwise be available. (more…)

Would a Doctorate Degree Benefit Your Career? Tips on Making the Decision.

diplomarunWith the job market more competitive than ever before, many career professionals are looking for an edge to help them on their way up the corporate ladder. Some have gained a Master’s Degree in their field, or have added a business-oriented degree such as an MBA. But is it worth thinking about pursuing more? (more…)

Five Tips to Help You on the Road to Career and Life Satisfaction

trailforkMost people go through periods of time in their lives where their lives don’t seem to be on the right track. They might be in a job they don’t like, there might be turmoil in in their lives in some way, or they might even be at a crossroads where they’re trying to figure out what they want to do next. Here are some ways to find a path to a more satisfied and fulfilling life. (more…)

How to Test Your Way to a College Degree and Avoid Class, Save Money, and Shorten the Time

manstudyMany students believe that the traditional route to a degree is the only one possible. Registering for a class, buying your books, attending lecture, turning in homework, and then hopefully at the end you get a few credits. Run that scenario over a few years, and you get a degree. However, what if you could cut down that time considerably… by up to 75%… and save a boatload of money as well? (more…)

The Benefits of Offering Tuition Assistance Programs, and How To Bring It To Your Company

tuitionhandIn today’s economy, employers are looking for innovative ways to grow their company and maximize the productivity of their employees. Savvy managers are realizing that developing the skill sets of their workers and enhancing their knowledge can help the company be more successful. (more…)

How to Save Money on Textbooks

bookstackMany people realize their campus bookstore is going to cost the most when it comes to getting their textbooks, and buying new from the bookstore is going to be the highest of all. The sticker shock of seeing those books isn’t good for your blood pressure, either. Generally it pays to stay away from there if you can manage it. (more…)

Can a MOOC Make a Difference in Your Professional Education?

fingerA new trend in education has emerged in recent years: The MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course. This type of learning has the potential to significantly change how courses and education are taught in the future. While students of every age could potentially benefit, professionals looking to enhance their skill set owe it to themselves to take a careful look.