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The Fast Track Degree – An Option For Finishing Your Uncompleted Degree

fastrunThere are many reasons why someone may have started college, but decided not to finish a bachelor degree. It may be that as simple as they went to a two-year and earned an associate degree, and decided that was enough. Or it may be that they started working toward a four-year degree, but for various reasons, they had to drop-out or enter the work force. If you’re finding that you would like to complete a bachelor’s and have previous earned credits from a regionally-accredited college or university, an interesting option is the Fast Track Degree. It can allow you to finish your degree in less time than a typical degree program. (more…)

How to Overcome and Conquer Self-Doubt

doubtIt’s probably a symptom of people who self-doubt that they think they’re the only ones that feel it and think it, and all those “other” successful people are just rolling along, always in control. Or if not in control, supremely confident of getting it back under control. Nothing could be further from the truth: everyone feels self-doubt from time to time, even the most accomplished people. But often what makes the difference between success and failure is how one handles their periods of self-doubt. (more…)

Five Practices That Demonstrate Outstanding Leadership

kingWhat is the different between a successful company or department and one that never seems to completely have everything together? Often the difference comes down to leadership at the top of the chain. Good leaders can foster innovation and an efficient, high morale workplace, while poor leaders can destroy unity, bring down sales and sometimes even kill the company. But top managers at some of the best companies know how to not only keep a tight ship, but keep everyone happy to be part of the crew. (more…)

How to Establish a Successful Corporate / University Partnership and Get the Most Out Of It

partnershipIndustry and higher education have formed successful partnerships since the early days of the industrial revolution, when industry would bring together their practical knowledge with the university’s broad research knowledge. Both could benefit from the cross-cultural trading of information. Partnerships such as these can be more beneficial than ever, but too often companies pursue a collaboration without a clear plan in place. By following a few guidelines, both companies and universities can achieve maximal results. (more…)

Study Habits for the Non-Traditional Adult Learner That Lead to Success

study3The non-traditional student often find themselves with a time crunch that traditional young students straight out of high school don’t have. When studying competes with everything else going on in your day-to-day life, it can be extremely challenging to not only find the time to study, but bring the focus needed for effective studying. Good time management skills are crucial to succeeding as a student. Studying isn’t about cramming or studying longer, it’s about studying smarter and making the best use of your limited time. (more…)

The Importance of Physical Fitness to Your Career

healthThe idea that being fit is important to health isn’t a newsflash, but too many people don’t make the correlation that it’s important to their career as well. High performers will devote endless hours to improving their work skills and getting more work accomplished, but many don’t realize how much more productive they would be with a healthy lifestyle. (more…)

How to Defeat Procrastination and Get Yourself Back On Track

procrastinationIt’s pretty safe to say that no matter how accomplished someone is, they go through periods where their productivity takes a big decline. There are endless ways that people find to waste time and avoid doing what they know they should be doing. You may have the desire to accomplish something, but finding that motivation to move forward can be challenging. But recognizing you have a problem is half the battle. Here are some practical tips for the other half. (more…)

How to Promote Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

glowtreeEmployees are the engine of creative power in a company. Most businesses desire to have a culture of creativity in the workplace, but not all know how to encourage people to put forth good ideas and foster innovate ideas. How do you get the best out of people and harness their ingenuity? (more…)

How to Deal with Bad Bosses and Succeed Despite Them

badbossIt’s an unfortunate fact of life that it’s almost inevitable that at some point in your career, you’re going to run into a boss that’s less than helpful. That may be one of the reasons the Dilbert comic strip is so popular; it’s so easy to relate to the pointed-hair boss, the overall incompetence, and the soul-sucking day-to-day need to deal with it. But there are ways to survive these circumstances and even thrive in them. (more…)

The Top Employment Trends for 2014: What Would Be a Good Career Move?

trendsOne thing that is constant in the workforce is change. If you’re considering a career move, or perhaps trying to decide on an education path leading to good long-term stability and growth, it’s important to research trends and decide with confidence that a good job market will be waiting for you at the end. (more…)