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InQuisiCard – The Innovative Way to Streamline Payment

EdFlo utilizes InQuisic, a unique payment system that completely automates the payment process for events such as training seminars, classes or other events where the employee is sponsored by his/her corporation and the payment is based upon the successful completion of the event. America's major corporations use InQuisic to manage the procure-to-pay process for these types of events.

Whenever a corporation includes InQuisic, employees migrate to those merchants who accept the card. Why? Because it means no out-of-pocket expenses to the employee. In most corporations today, employees are required to pay for these types of events out of their own pocket and then seek to be reimbursed after the event has been completed. With InQuisic, the merchant agrees to wait for payment until the event has been completed and the outcomes of the event match the requirements for payment on behalf of the corporation. When this occurs, payment is released by InQuisic to the merchant.

What is an InQuisiCard?

The InQuisicard is a promissory note established between a corporation, its employee and a learning supplier that supports the guidelines by which the corporation will pay for the education or training delivered. InQuisic, through its payment gateway, verifies that all corporate requirements for payment are met, and only then approves and processes a payment between the corporation and learning supplier. If the requirements for payment are not met, the employee assumes the obligation to pay the learning supplier directly. The verification occurs after the event has been completed and all documentation, including proof of completion, grades, etc. have been submitted by the learning supplier to the InQuisic payment gateway.

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Benefits of Accepting The Card

  • Greater access to corporate-sponsored buyers
  • Online Access to view line item detail of approved amounts for employees prior to enrollment
  • Full access to our payment gateway to manage settlement of your events
  • Faster payment through automated validation
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Accept the InQuisic Payment Card

Complete the application to accept the InQuisic payment card and begin reaping the benefits through increased enrollments.