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EdFlo Student Loan Repayment Services

A New and Important Benefit

Progressive employers have found the edge when it comes to hiring and retaining the best employees by offering student loan repayment services through EdFlo.

EdFlo is a leader in providing student loan repayment benefits through our cloud-based tuition management platform. We understand how to combine a student loan repayment benefit into your existing tuition assistance program. Now every employee can use your world-class benefit to manage reimbursement activities for current programs as well as those they have completed with outstanding student loan debt.

Why Our Experience is Crucial

Many of the policy parameters that apply to education reimbursement for currently enrolled employees also apply to employees who have outstanding student loan debt for programs they have completed. Whether the employee is currently enrolled or using the benefit to pay off student debt, most organizations want to apply a single annual cap to the total amount available to the employee. In addition, most employers want a common workflow for approvals, and a common policy that supports both populations.

EdFlo understands these requirements and our platform ensures that all employees and their reimbursements will comply with your policy and eligibility requirements. Our administrators are trained to answer questions on student loan reimbursement requirements and can process both types of reimbursement requests to give your employees a seamless experience.

A Single Payroll Report to Support All Reimbursements

EdFlo can combine all approved reimbursements for student loan repayments as well as currently enrolled employees into a single payroll report for your organization that supports the IRS withholding requirements for each transaction. There are different tax treatments depending upon the type of education reimbursement being sought, and EdFlo understands and supports those requirements.

Innovation That Came From Industry Knowledge

Many competitors developed their solutions as offshoots from their core business to "check the box" that they had a Student Loan Repayment solution. This neglect is often seen in difficult to use systems, unreliable payments and nagging issues that never seem to get solved.

EdFlo was started from the beginning as a Tuition Assistance company and product. But that wasn't enough. We wanted the product engineered to be friendly, easy-to-use and reliable, and our innovation will continue into the future.