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EdFlo Administration and Customer Support

EdFlo Customer Support Segements
EdFlo segments support into several roles:
(a) Transaction support
(b) Customer support
(c) Technical Support

  1. How do We Handle Taxation of Tuition Reimbursement?
    We consult with our clients on all aspects of tuition reimbursement policy, best practices, education management, and taxation. We ask that the client seek their own legal advice at it pertains to the Company position on tuition reimbursement taxation issues, and we configure the software application to address your Company position. In addition, we customize our workflow process online to conform to the Client's interpretation of the tax laws as they pertain to tuition reimbursement.
  2. Measuring Customer Support Quality
    The quality of our employee work is measured by three major indicators; productivity, accuracy and employee satisfaction. We believe these components have an important role in quality. Productivity allows us to measure the effective workload of an employee and staff your account efficiently to meet and exceed all metrics. Accuracy is critical to not only reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction but also ensuring that we are able to meet all audit requirements for the client. In addition to regular internal audits, clients have access through the EdFlo application to audit 100% of transactions and interactions processed.
  3. The EdFlo Online Support Solution
    EdFlo has an integrated online support solution integrated with the Company’s software. The help desk system has workflow that sends notifications to the EdFlo support team for employee inquiries. The customer is notified at every update and at closure of the task. The client can view all activity for their employee support tickets online, and can open and reopen any ticket until they are satisfied with the resolution. EdFlo also provides a dashboard summary of Help desk tickets to the client.
  4. How is Documentation Submitted through EdFlo.com?
    The employee directly uploads electronic documents to the transaction when submitting the request.
  5. How do We Prevent Duplicate Reimbursements?
    A key aspect of our processing of reimbursements is the complete review of all previous reimbursement requests approved. This visual confirmation provides us with an extremely high degree of certainty that the reimbursement processed is correct and appropriate. Additionally, EdFlo audits reimbursements periodically to verify those reimbursements are processed correctly.
  6. How are Tuition Requests Processed through EdFlo.com?
    All transactions are processed through the EdFlo Software Platform. These transactions are routed in accordance with client requirements but will generally route to the manager and an EdFlo administrator for review and approval.

    Degree approvals are initiated from the EdFlo system by the employee selecting the State, School, Degree, and Major as well as the justification for selecting the program. The choice of school, degree and major are limited to those outlined in the Company Tuition Reimbursement policy (this may include specialized accreditation requirements for various types of degree programs). The employee will then indicate consent to a series of questions reflecting policy understanding, grade requirements and any repayment obligations. The employee will then be asked to confirm all information provided and once confirmed the transaction will route the request for approval.

    Reimbursements may be initiated prior to course completion, or after course completion, depending on the client policy requirements. The employee provides required course information as well as listing tuition and mandatory fees as outlined in the Company Tuition Reimbursement policy. The employee will then indicate consent to a series of questions reflecting policy understanding, grade requirements and any repayment obligations. The employee will then be asked to confirm all information provided and once confirmed the transaction will be stored. The employee will have the option to attach documentation electronically to the request or print out the fax cover sheet for document submission. Once the documents have been received and reconciled with the request it is routed for review by EdFlo administrators. If correct and appropriate the transaction will be approved and routed for review by Company representatives (if required).

    Once approved the specific reimbursement will be routed for payment by Company. This is customarily accomplished through an encrypted file out of the EdFlo.com platform that may be imported into the client payroll system, or loaded as a report that can be used to determine reimbursements and taxation amounts.

    The documentation required for reimbursement will include a grade report on school letterhead reflecting the employee's name, the term, the course number and/or name, and the grade earned. The employee is also required to provide a detailed receipt(s) on school letterhead reflecting the employee's name, the term, the course number and/or name, the tuition amount, the fees broken out individually and proof of payment or deferment. Additional detailed receipts will be required if text books or other costs are allowed.
  7. How Does EdFlo Help Enforce the Client's Specific Tuition Reimbursement Policy?
    EdFlo will help enforce the client's policy through a combination of systemic business rules built into our solution via the client’s input, as well as business rules our administrative team follows. For example, by using the client’s eligibility file, the EdFlo system will only allow eligible employees to request reimbursement from properly accredited schools, appropriate majors and degrees as well as allowable tuition and fees. Then when our administrators review the request, they will make sure the courses requested were the courses taken; that the tuition and fees are consistent with the established policy and that all required documentation has been provided and fully supports the amount requested.
  8. Managing Exceptions Through EdFlo.com
    The EdFlo system allows for the administrator to pull a request out of the regular queue and create an additional approver "on the fly". The request will then route automatically to that approver, and back to the administrator queue once the action has been completed.

    The EdFlo service platform provides for the management of exceptions, and the escalation of requests. The online help desk allows employees to escalate any issue for review directly to the administrator or corporate point of contact. By managing this interaction online we are able to store all interactions with employees for review at a later date, a function that has proven valuable in more than one instance.

    In the event an employee disagrees with a determination made through EdFlo.com they may escalate that issue through the Online Help Desk feature. That escalation will be reviewed by the EdFlo administrator and, if required, reviewed with the Corporate Point of Contact. At that point EdFlo would either resolve the issue or allow the Corporate Administrator to escalate the issue further using the company's standard Employee Relations Escalation process. This process ensures that the vast majority of issues are resolved by EdFlo directly and that those that cannot be resolved are documented appropriately and in accordance with the legal guidelines set forth for dealing consistently with Employee Relations issues within your organization.