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Controls on the EdFlo Disbursement Solution

EdFlo has developed a number of controls to assure that disbursement cards provided to employees for the payment of tuition will not be abused.

Controls on the disbursement card itself

The EdFlo virtual payment solution provides a number of controls over how the disbursement card may be used:

  1. It creates a unique card for each transaction that is approved through the EdFlo procurement platform. In this way the employee is not tied to a single card. A card is created for each transaction at the point it is approved through the EdFlo platform.
  2. It limits the spend on the card to the amount that was approved through the EdFlo procurement platform.
  3. The card can only be used at accredited educational institutions and book stores.
  4. It has a time stamp placed on the card that requires its use within 60 days of creation.

What controls are in place to ensure individuals don't seek refund through alternative means?

The learning provider is required to post credits back to the InQuisic payment card and not to provide a cash refund. When this occurs, EdFlo will verify the credit and note it accordingly on the employees account. This is most common with schools and dropped course tuition.