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If your organization can work within some or all of the guidelines below, your set up fees will be reduced.

  1. If your Organization does not need us to establish a data feed to maintain employee data from your HR information systems, this can reduce the set up fees. Instead of maintaining employee records through your system, employees set up their account in our system during the log in process, and then identify the contact information for those involved in the approval process. A corporate point of contact will be established within your enterprise to receive and review all requests once other approvals have been obtained as directed by your policy. Conforming with this process will reduce your set up fees.

  2. EdFlo has developed a standard set of communications to assist in the roll-out process. If your Organization can take these communications, modify them without input from EdFlo, and deliver them to your population based upon our schedule, this can reduce your set up fees.

  3. EdFlo has developed a robust online support model. Under this model, all communications occur between the administrators and employees through the online support tools, which include email and outbound phone support. If your Organization implements our standard online support model, this will have a positive impact on set up fees.

  4. EdFlo has developed a standard file format for the distribution of reimbursement data to the Client's payroll department. If your Organization can accept our standard file format, this will impact the set up fees.

  5. EdFlo has developed a number of standard online workflow components to support the approval process for many organizations. If your Organization falls into one of our standard workflow modules, this will have a positive impact on the set up fees.