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InQuisiCard Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

Question: Explain the basic mechanics of how the InQuisiCard is used by the student.

Answer: Once a request for payment is approved through the EdFlo procurement platform a virtual payment card will be created for the amount approved. The InQuisiCard is then placed into the employee's account and the employee is notified through that the card is waiting to be picked up. The employee can then access his/her account and pull up the details of the InQuisiCard. The employee will then use the card as they would their own credit card. The InQuisiCard can be used online, by phone or at the school or bookstore to pay for allowable expenses. The employee will then ensure they obtain detailed receipts for submission at the completion of the course(s).

Question: How are limits/expiration dates established? Can the learning provider (e.g. school/bookstore) be controlled? Are limits annual or per transaction?

Answer: The InQuisiCard solution provides a number of controls over the payment usage:
  1. Schools that accept the InQuisiCard agree to wait until the end of the term to receive payment for approved educational expenses
  2. It limits the spend on the card to the amount that was approved through EdFlo.
  3. The School inputs grades and transactional amounts directly to InQuisic, and EdFlo verifies that the request for payment meets your requirements before funds are released to the School. If the request does not meet your requirements for payment, settlement will not be made.
  4. It has a time stamp placed on the card that requires its use within 60 days of creation.
Question: How is usage monitored for validity?

Answer: The School submits grades and receipts after course completion. Settlement is not made to the School until EdFlo has determined that the request for payment falls within the guidelines of your tuition policy.