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Why Adult Learners Don't Finish Their Degrees

Only 7%, on average, of employees who are reimbursed for education actually take average of the Educational Assistance Benefit.  Many of the working professionals who start a degree plan will not complete it.

Why Adult Learners Don’t Finish Their Degrees

  • Employees needing to finish an undergraduate degree may not know if their former credits will transfer or how to make this happen.
  • Employees seeking graduate degrees may have an undergraduate degree from outside the US and be unfamiliar with the US college system.
  • Employees may be drawn to schools that advertise and not look at other options for their degrees and start a program unsuitable for their needs, background and career goals.
  • Employees may be unsure about the best major and how that major aligns with career goals.
  • Employees may be unrealistic about adding school time to their busy schedule and can’t complete their courses on time.
  • Employees may be confused and hesitant about navigating the college maze.

These reasons (and many more) are why many reimbursed employees do not start or finish their degrees.  All of the reasons can be resolved if a company hires an Educational Advisor for their employees.

Educational Advising services can benefit employees and the company’s educational assistance program.  Educational Advising can:

  • Save time off a degree for employees by introducing Educational Options, such as testing out of classes, life and work experience options, military credits and corporate classes.
  • Save Tuition Reimbursement dollars (average of 20% off a degree plan), especially for undergraduate degrees
  • Help employees select the best degree plan and college, focused on employee goals, background and skills
  • Give employees hope they can navigate the college maze, get enrolled and succeed

Several outsourced Education Management companies or Tuition Administrators provide Educational Advising to their services.  Companies who opt for this advising service can see cost savings and more focused employees who complete their degrees.